Friday, March 10, 2006

First Blog , Part Two

"El Gato" approx 24"x30"
Another diptych-related more to "Time Will Tell" than the two above.
Below is "Flora" 24"x24"
A bit of a side-trip, an attempt to get back to just a more sensual image and approach. Maybe it's the first in a "Four Seasons" series. But since I seem to have the attention span of, what were we just talking about?-Yeh, anyway...
Oh, this one is-so far-my one and only high quality limited edition giclee print available. 20"x20" image size. $175.oo + tx.

"Yo Recuerdo" (I Remember) 24"x36"
This was inspired by an event I read about in the paper. It's not important to know the details- there are so many stories that come and go-but I just wanted to say to myself (as well as the girl in the story) that I will try to remember.

"The Mystery Of Faith" (version 2) I forget, close to 18"x24"
Actually this and "Flora" are fairly closely related. Sorry about the dirty slide here-also, is the orange sphere at the top over-saturated on your screen? Computers. Man, if I could make things look good with computers I'd probably give up painting.
Ok-fun fact about this painting. I found the title in a book I was reading at the time (note to self-read more books)-and I just liked it. Then, after I finished the first, almost identical, version of this painting (which I gave to my mom) I was working on this version and the thought came to me to have the bird sipping from tears slightly welling up in the woman's eye-giving more meaning to the idea of "faith" than just having the bird's beak menacingly close to a woman's eye. Anyway, I told my mom about this, and she said that's how she'd always interpreted the bird's action-and I look at her version now and though I did'nt mean to I had apparently painted tears on hers too. Ok, wierder things have happened. Nevermind.
"Harvest" 20"x48" this one is painted on three canvases, not wood panels.
This painting is directly related to the first acrylic paintings I did several years back now, after I decided to abandon my old style of oil painted varnished charcoal drawings (I still have a few around-I'll show you what I'm talking about later). When I changed to acrylics, I wanted a whole new palette-and I'd loved and collected old fruit-crate labels for some time, so at first, that's what I painted. Anyway, the two flanking canvases are direct blow-ups from actual label images, the middle one is made-up. The idea was to put three cropped images together and try to create a new narrative. It was fun and I'm actually almost finished with a new triptych, which I'll bore you with soon.
"Lemons" 16"x20"
Alright-this is as far back as I'm going to go--and yeh, y'know, I just noticed that the dang thing is backward (my signiture at the bottom is the tip-off)--but it does'nt seem to bother me. Fun fact #2. When Lisa and I first moved to Graton we quickly met several local artists that at the time were partners in the small but artistically diverse gallery here-The Graton Gallery--
(which is still going strong) and we were invited to join-which was cool. So one night I'm sitting the gallery, working, and this young-ish man comes in with his small kid riding atop his shoulders, and this painting was there and he said to me, "Does the artist know he's painted a pair of titties?" And I said "I'll be sure to let him know".