Monday, October 23, 2006

Another busy week-soon I will paint again!

last year's "Art Farm" piece, "Head Games", temporarily installed in our drive-way, and this year's piece, below. (we're going back to calling the whole thing "This Game Of Life"-with the boy panel called "His Future (Hope or Fear) and the girl's panel called "Her Future..." and the middle called "The Game of Hope or Fear")

Yep. Been a few weeks since my last post. So I quess it's time for a re-cap.
The two ARTrails Open Studio weekends came and went. Lisa did really well-her best in sales yet! I did alright considering I only had 6 paintings for sale. (I decided earlier in the summer that the Burning Man piece was all I was going to have time for). And I think (hope) I made a good impression with most folks with the Burning Man piece and talk of the collaborative process. Because the piece is too crowded in the studio-I find myself really looking forward to giving it the show it really deserves.
Anyway-tons of people. (next time-we hire a photographer, 'cuz we were just too busy to take hardly any shots during the event).Besides the sales, the highlight was definitely meeting some great people-and probably the most fun was the first weekend when our friend Eve came up with her friend Richard and we met two "Burners" that Eve met at B.M.-Susan and Tim, who in turn brought two of their friends-Matt and Michael.
All I can say is "Hey, you guys know how to celebrate life!"
After intros and great wine (mmm...thanks!)-we all went out to the Underwood (restaurant) and just had the best. The best meal and wine and oysters and wine and time. Maybe I'll get some photos from Susan-but anyway-thanks again to you all for that great night.
So-after a slamming Open Studios first weekend...we got outta town.Lisa near Geyserville, at Grandma's Pumpkin Patch
mmm...nice lookin' grapes
Lisa likes the gardens...

this is out in back of the Jimtown Store, where Lisa buy's me some great and bizarre calendar pages and we have a snack.

scene on our way to Cloverdale...

detail from a great Circus poster spotted in a Cloverdale antique store
Anyway, a nice day with my sweetie...

Then on Friday, we hosted many of our fine neighbors (and special guests Barbara and Susan-just outside the photo) for the bi-monthly Graton pot-luck. Really fun-especially loved Susan's quietly magical Burning Man slide show.

And then this last blurry weekend. A great ARTrails-thanks again to all at the Cultural Art's Council and to ARTrails, and to all the great people we met. My head's still spinning.

In fact, today, it was time for a little country bike ride...(sorry for the cheesy imac "special" effects)
hmmm, nice lookin' applesand nice pumpkins (again)
and saw some good yellows too

back to the barn

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

A Full Weekend...

Went to the Burning Man Decompression Street party this weekend with Phyxx. Was'nt really planning on going until my "art liason", Bettie June, e-mailed me a pretty-please last week to bring at least part of our piece to the party. I can't say no to that woman apparently. It was a great party-and lots of people had fun in and around our piece...(click to enlarge)

Of course it would have been more fun if Lisa had been able to go-but she was busy hanging her show at the Willow Wood Cafe here in Graton...
Lisa has lots more paintings than I'm showing here-the show's up for at least a month-maybe two-check it out if you can.
(this last one, of course, is the piece that the owners, Mathew and Lulu, bought. I knew it'd look good here.)

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

2 more drawings...

a few more drawings...some of these are being used as last-minute "fill" for areas in the Art Farm piece that I always thought needed a bit more-mostly the "girl" panel. I think they'll also form the basis for the next Art Farm pieces-which I hope to get under way after Open Studios.
Here's a detail of the "girl" panel...
and here's Lisa outside our studio on a rather misty October day-I don't think she's happy about getting her picture taken just now...

Sunday, October 01, 2006

after a few days off...