Saturday, February 24, 2007

A Few New Ones and A Few Re-worked Ones

Four of my recent "Ad-Women" put together as a set. It's up at the Cultural Art's Council membership show in Santa Rosa
This and the next two are in the "Over-Hung" show at Boontling Gallery in Oakland-on Telegraph near 42nd. The opening is this Friday, during the Art Murrmer 1st Friday set of openings. Erik Friedman and Chris Hattaway and Mike Terry are in it as well. You should go. This is last year's painting that used to be called "Happy Day", now changed to "Lucky Boy".
"Alka-Loser" 24x24"
"Spring" also 24x24" All priced at $975.00, except the "Four Women"-I forget, maybe that's $850.00