Saturday, March 19, 2011

"Never Not Working"

I came across this short on British artist David Shillinglaw the other week, and really like a lot of what he says about art and being an artist. I definitely relate to his short-attention span, and how he uses that to his advantage. And I like how he frames art as being somewhat between religion and science, embracing "confusion" as a means toward discovery. I think he's on to something here...

Never Not Working from Photo Booth Works on Vimeo.

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

A Short Film About Sign Painting

Maybe some of you know that a long time ago (the early 80's) in a galaxy far, far away (Livermore), I worked for a time as a sign painter (this was even before I went to art school).
For a while now in my own paintings-and especially in my work with B.L.T., I've reconnected with my sign painter past. I was never a great letterer-and I'm still rather proudly clumsy-but there's something in the practice of painting letters that I do really enjoy (separate from their actual or implied meaning). Anyway-I came across this short of sign painter Damon Styer of "New Bohemia Signs" in San Francisco-and thought I'd share.

FontCast #12 — Damon Styer from FontShop on Vimeo.