Monday, August 15, 2011

New Work-At The Graton Gallery.

"Summer Sun" 10.75"x18" $450. SOLD

Yep, it's a new series. Shot these myself (can't ya tell?) so colors are approximate. Most are on view at the Graton Gallery (except "OK" and "Nice"-which are sold). Show runs from Aug. 16th-October 2nd, with an opening reception Sunday Aug. 28th, 3-6 pm. Come on out if you can!
"We Deliver" 23.5"x24" $975. SOLD
"L.M.A.O." 8.5"x10.25" SOLD"Black & Blue" 14"x16" $500.
"Bird Song" 14"x16" $550.  SOLD"Nice" SOLD
"Happy" 14"x16" $475. SOLD
"Rescue Me" 17.5"x25.25" $775.  SOLD
"La CariƱosa (The Loving Woman)" 18"x14" $475. SOLD