Sunday, August 06, 2006

Art Farm Gathering

(Hey everybody-Last week to submit drawings! Hurry on up if you got 'em -we still need almost 300! But again, huge thanks to all who've contributed so far)(as always, click to enlarge images)
So-the second-to-last Art Farm gathering for this project was yesterday-alot of the Art Farmers said they'll make the next and last one this coming Sat.-the 12th, so it was a small group yesterday-but a very fruitful affair. We also received some great images from some other great artists-so the game board is almost done, and the "Boy" is getting close. The "Girl" still has a ways to go-but there's definitely light (black light?) at the end of the tunnel. Pictured above, from left to right-Suzanna ("Bell") gluing, Lisa and Don cutting, while Michael ("Phyxx")-who is our "wheel man"-surveys the scene (he'll make the three spinning wheels-one on each wall, as well as figure out how to best engineer their mounting and spinning), and Erik-who drew up a storm yesterday and last night.Lisa and Bell and that's Rich Martin-"Rico"-who brought in a bunch of his vintage sketch books-(which he's copying on our new copyer). We're calling him "The Closer"-both because he did some nice finishing touches on the game board, but also he gave us lots and lots of little details from his sketch books that tend to be great for filling in those last little areas. (Muchas gracias Sr. Rico!)Lisa strikes a pose while blocking in the girl's game circles. the two portrait walls-before yesterday and after
the gameboard later that night (Lisa and I are still figuring out the letter colors)


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