Thursday, November 27, 2008

A Few Tunes (And Videos)

Not too early to think about the 'ol year-end-favorite-music lists. Here's a few that stick with me. (As is usually the case-the videos are never as good as the music itself. I wish Michel Gondry would make more videos! Speaking of-here's a cool commercial of his for Levi's)
Ok-first up-M83, from their great c/d "Saturdays=Youth". This one is "Graveyard Girl"
Next-Nick Cave, and "Dig, Lazarus, Dig!"

And somewhat in the same vein as last year's c/d by Midlake, I really liked a lot of the Fleet Foxes c/d, in that early seventies kinda way...
How about a little Vampire Weekend--"Oxford Comma" ?

Ok-I sure wish Broken Social Scene would release a new c/d, but until they do, these "BSS Presents" c/ds (first with Kevin Drew, now with Brendan Canning) not only will have to do, but they're pretty darn close to the full deal anyway--especially when both co-founders are on the same track. This is from Canning's "Something For The Rest Of Us" c/d, called "Churches Under The Stairs"-Drew starts things off, then Canning comes in...
Man, that was good. How about another? This is "Hit The Wall". OK-a pretty dumb video-but a killer song-Another fave from this year is one MC turned me on to (hmm-also the Brendan Canning c/d now that I think about it, and the Nick Cave one too...oh, and Vampire Weekend. Man, I'm behind!), -Thao, from her c/d "We Brave Bee Stings And All", this is "Swimming Pools".Ok-that's it for tonight...I'll think of a few more later.


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