Friday, August 11, 2006

further developments...

(reminder! Last official Art Farm drawing party today! 4:00 on. And there is still time (barely) to send us drawings. But ready or not, paint starts going on these walls by mid-week next week-so hurry!) the game wheel...Phyxx cuts a mean wheel-his other two are finished and ready for Lisa's paint magic. Speaking of, Lisa is really getting some nice colors down-these pictures (and especially the ones I take) don't do the colors justice. Hey, what am I doin' on my butt with only a week to go?

...using post-it notes to keep track of the Boy and Girl panel images, with Bell, who is not sitting on her butt-but is becoming one with the glue. If not for Bell and her steady gluing (and copying, and cutting, as well as her neurons-both her own and the one's she's drawn on all three walls)-this project woulda crashed and burned. Yay Bell!


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