Tuesday, September 19, 2006

More Burning Man Pics

(from "Malcolm In The Middle". Most of the pictures were pulled from Flickr-let me know if you took it and I'll credit you)Center Camp during the day-this is the cafe' where people relax or get coffee or watch performances
or try to escape Tuesday's dust storm. (Good luck)one of our favorite art-carsanother one-this one ran on solarthis is the giant bra I saw with Michael and Frederick at the C.T. party. My friend Amy worked on it-and in fact-is this her? Mark or Lois-do you know?Marie Antoinette was obviously also at the C.T. ride-we saw her at the Temple burn Sunday night. She even had what sounded like a French accent. Amazing.the "Hope" and "Fear" flowers that squared off against one another at the "Waffle" burn on Sunday. There were tapeze artists dangling from these that night as wellthe "Hope" flower"I.T." by Michael Christian. Night of the burn several of our party climbed up inside-with Frederick (You're a madman Fred!) hanging upside-down by his ankles on the outside while the whole top part of this cool sculpture slowly spun. And he lived to tell the tale!another one of my favorite art-cars this year. The jackels' feet moved very convincingly, like they were really walking!our camp's own!-This is Rhody's car, with Phyxx there off to the sidethis was definitely a great crowd pleaser-the "Big Round Cubatron". But you'd really have to see the thing in motion to appeciate it. Here's another shot...
this year's temple. Alot of people said things like, "too bad it was dwarfed by the Uchronia and Conexus cathedral...", as if it's size were the important thing. 'Cuz by week's end, when you ride on out and read the sad and heart-felt goodbyes and witness the amazing humanity and embrace someone who is so filled with mourning, yeah-it's not about size.but if you're looking for size...The Conexus Cathedral, and of course...
The "Waffle"! Someone said "This is the largest thing I ever want to see on fire." Um, yeh, I guess me too.


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