Wednesday, December 10, 2008

More Drawings and A Little Hip-Hop


Blogger song of the selkie said...

OMG! your blog is so great tony!

i should tell you who i am. i worked at amsterdam art with you in the paper department in berkeley way back when. my name is amy (castillo now, had to pick up spanish so i could nab me a marrying man!) noble. you were abso-freakin'-lutely the coolest boss ever! i finally had the good sense to look for you here. i am so glad i found the mystic artful and painterly dimension of t.s. again!

did you stay in touch with any of the peeps from amsterdam days?

11:47 PM  
Blogger tony S said...

Hey, I just now (jan 17th) found your comment here-when did you leave it? Howdy Amy! Wow-blast from the past. Thanks about the boss-thing (laughs)--I was just trying to have as much fun as possible for that moment we all passed thru. Let's see-I'm still close with Lois Lyons (my old girlfriend) and I see Frederick every now and then (he camped with us at Burning Man a few years ago-that was FUN!) and I ran into Jawn and Gina last year...maybe a few others I can't remember...oh, Darin and Belinda, do you know?Hey, e-mail me if you get this-K? Cheers Amy! -Tony

4:20 PM  

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