Monday, December 18, 2006

Another Friday In The City

We always see something inspiring whenever we go to the city. This time, we started at The Donna Seager Gallery in San Rafael (see Lisa's blog for pictures)-then found ourselves passing by Nest on Fillmore (Lisa loves places like this. They've got some cool stuff), and then to 5024SF and Upper Playground in the lower Haight. Felt pretty lucky to see the Blaine Fontana show. (click to enlarge)

This last one was, hmm-how long was it Lisa?--anyway, he was selling it in segments...
Check out some of his vids-this first one shows his studio and the large painting I just mentioned

some art on the street

Hi Lisa

Oh, got a cool Jeremy Fish t at Upper Playground, then saw some really fine art over at After Modern on Bryant at 3rd, but I can't show you anything here 'cuz they don't allow pictures.
Luckily they were very friendly about that over at White Walls and theShooting Gallery. First off-Sam Flores at White Walls. Some very nice pictures, and his installation was pretty spectacular. Live Siamese fighting fish in the glass balls, and two love birds, well, were supposed to be in the cage within her belly. Only they got out and were perched on the ledge above the mural.

Then next door at The Shooting Gallery, maybe my favorite of the day-a show by Anne Faith Nichols

And finally, across our favorite bridge home.

And I'll leave you with this...


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