Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Playing Catch-up...

Who's the blogger in this household? Well of course, that would be Lisa-I say check her blogs out first 'cuz that girl knows how to keep up a blog. Me? Hardly. Still-for some reason (today it's called P-R-O-C-R-A-S-T-I-N-A-T-I-O-N-try it sometime!) I'm gonna play alittle catch-up.
So up first-alittle of what's going on over in the studiostudio mess
mess-o-"losers" in progress
current painting in it's "awkward teenage" phase...

Ok, so two weeks ago, went to the Oakland Art Murmer again-with Erik and Bob and later met up with Paul and Tara (Lisa was home sick with the cold I gave her...). Not as good as last month's, but some nice art was still on display-

some paintings from Michael Cutlip over at Swarm Gallery.
Next up, a few from Esteban Sabar's gallery by Diego Rios

Saw this one over at Mama Buzz-

Then after checking out several other galleries, Bob and Erik and I went over to Pacific Coast Brewery and met up with Lois for a few cold ones...
Well that was a "first Friday". Less than a week later, Micheal Coy and I found ourselves attempting to go to the "first Thursday" slew of openings in S.F. but due to traffic and poor planning-we missed all the major gallery openings. So we walked down to see what was happening at 111 Minna. Well it was a huge "111 at 111"show!
One hundred and eleven works by 111 artists displaying mostly 20"x20" pieces. Blurry pictures, I know-but here's a few faves...

Next up, a visit to Varnish, just a block or so away...below by Jason D'Aquino
by Michael Page

by Beth Bojarski
by Reuben Rude.
I'll try to i.d. some of the others as well in a day or so. Oh, before the weekend was out, Lisa and I went and murdered a poor, helpless tree-

And here's a little film not so much meant to inspire as meant to tell you to just give up now...


Blogger Tom Bailey said...

The american flag is very interesting. Do you have one with modern troops?


3:10 PM  
Blogger tony S said...

The flag piece isn't mine-not sure who the artist is.

3:38 PM  

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