Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Two More Little Losers

Hey, Happy New Year!
Alright, well between these little losers (that I finally finished), and the "ad-women" I've also got going, it sorta seems like I'm attempting a daily little painting-so I'll see if I can keep at it.

Ok, time for a few more videos representing--well, not entirely representing my favorite music of 2006-like the Yo La Tengo song is years old-same with The Shins' song-but I did listen to them alot last year...
First up, a few from Bright Eyes

Here's The Shins. Not my fave video, but I love this song-
Pretty cool video here from Arcade Fire-and another one from them cool Canadians-
Joanna Newsom is definitely an aquired taste-but I've aquired it. Though, um..."I killed my dinner with karote"-???the thing is-she's not like us, nope. Here's a little 5 minute documentary with her-
More sad news this year-Grandaddy broke up, dang! Here's a trio in honor-I love the cat chorus on this one-both this and the last one from their great 2006 cdlast year before Christmas, a troubled guy I've known forever finally got in more trouble than he could handle. Anyway, I kept thinking of him every time I played this next song. It's a sad song...
Ok-did'nt mean to bring you down. How about that Yo La Tengo song I promised. Not from their excellent new cd-but I love both this song and silly video. Enjoy!
Hey, here's one from a group that Lisa turned me on to-Tilly And The Wall. It's a really good cd (I hear their first one is even better). Fun fact; they don't have a drummer. They have a tap dancer. Seriously.
Alright-again-Happy New Year! I'll leave you with this little gem that I found when I was doing some, um...research. I was looking at youtube under "air guitar" and I found a master...rock on! And yeah, whatever he's wearing, that is Hello Kitty.


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