Sunday, January 25, 2009

Group Show Over At White Walls In S.F.

Michael Coy and I went over to S.F. last night to catch the last performance (for now) of a pretty cool new opera about Burning Man and first stopped by White Walls to check out their group show. Here's a few of my personal faves-
first up-work by Sylvia Ji (as always, click to enlarge)

These two are by Ian Frances
This is by Adam FloresThese weren't actually in the show, they were upstairs (Bob and I saw this show a month or so ago)--anyway, still really great work by Regino Gonzales
Jim Houser
And a smallish one by Shawn barber (dude can paint!)There's tons more there-if you get a chance, I think the show's up for another week or so. And there's a cool Van Arno show next door at The Shooting Gallery...a few of my faves there-

(This last one features Freddie Mercury flanked by Suzie Quatro and Joan Jett. Fun.)
OK, wrapping up this set, how about a little somthin' from Animal Collective's great new c/d-"Merriweather Post Pavilion". This is "My Girls"


Blogger song of the selkie said...

ok, now i am yanking the pulley full steam on a huge semi trailer smog horn toot-tooting as i realize you just posted one of my favorite favorite songs from animal collective!!!

i am trying like crazy to convince the norman arts council music fest. organizers to import them from ireland this april (i noticed they do not have a single show date during that month and all it's going to do in merry ole ireland is rain, rain, rain and rain some more... their vacation would be much better spent in the land of the red people and road runners!).

no one is listening, they think they are the shits because we have "of montreal" lined up. woo hoo. they are more of a performance than they are music... but i do respect all the effort and frilly noise they put out. their sound is just missing a few of the deeper tones i think, something a tad more rueful and reserved. i have to be in a mood to listen to them, i can listen to animal collective ANYTIME.

and another toot-tooty from the behemoth of all sounds for all the great stuff you posted from sf & the pics of rachel, the moret sketch patterns made me think of celestial intervention, star maps and new constellations, so sweet and metaphysical like her perfect porcelain face!

oh yeah, selkie is me too. i created that apart from song of the selkie/poetry because i keep meaning to blog my domestic/daily homesteadin' stuff since friends and family are so far flung and busy - to give them a peek when they feel like it instead of bombarding them with long comments like this (sorry!) or tons of emails with attachments.

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