Saturday, January 17, 2009

When You Wake Up Feeling Old...

Winter will do that to you, but it's so dang nice out! Maybe some videos will help too.
I saw this short piece on artist Robert Hardgrave over on Fecal Face the other day..I like alot of what he says about making art and especially in the context of his brush with mortality....
And then recently I discovered this great music blog put together by five women-their blog's called "So This Is What The Volume Knob's For" (, and they in turn have shown me Los Campesinos, a rather exuberant collection of young Welsh musicians that make very youthful and exuberant...hmmm, I'd almost call it "glee-club punk-pop", but since that's silly I'll just say that right now, in the middle of winter, and just having had that big 5-0 birthday, and therefor feeling a little old-ish...these peeps are giving me some much-needed energy. Check 'em out-(Lisa and I have been saying that we need to be writing more lists this year, so this seems appropriate) "My Year In Lists"
And there's just no f'n way you can feel old listening to this one-"You! Me! Dancing!" (the video's pretty cool too, though it doesn't really have anything to do with the song)(wasn't that fun? I feel younger already) I also found this video again (I saw it a year ago or so, but forgot about it)-it's San Francisco's own The Dodos-nice drumming and strumming! "Fools"And just to get a bit nostalgic, I saw this great Camper Van Beethoven classic over at Boingboing today, which I will leave you with...from 1985, when I started working in the paper department at Amsterdam Art in Berkeley (Hi Amy!). Enjoy!


Blogger song of the selkie said...

i was spellbound by robert's vid - that was well worth the bout of insomnia that brought me to it! winter daze is in full throttle, my bonz feel less like dancing and more like vegging so the 'glee club punk pop' (how succinctly put - applause!) tunes are a great boost, thanks!

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