Wednesday, January 31, 2007

"This Moment" Is Lasting A Long Time

Slow but steady progress on "This Moment". Have I mentioned how there seems to be at least three types of paintings for me?
Well, there are those that get roughed in and sketched out, and right from the get-go, they are what they will become--they just go from rough to polished to done. Man do I usually love these paintings. Then there are those that I struggle with-either formally in the composition, or more common for me-I lose sight of the color and it's like I paint by process of elimination (Hmm, what about a green background...nope. How about yellow...nope. Orange? Pink?)
Anyway, this is one of those. Of course, at least it's not the third type-which I usually classify as "What on earth was I thinking?!"
Hey, how about alittle old-school Radiohead?
And now for something completely different...
Oh-Happy >late< Birthday to Paul! Sorry L and I couldn't make it down last weekend-busy times, but hope it was/is a great one!


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