Sunday, January 25, 2009

"Portrait Of Rachel"

I'm entering this in a drawing show coming up. Who knows if it'll make it in--for one, is it a drawing? Or is a painting?
Also-is it done yet? I keep tinkering with it (small stuff-like I'm still a bit dissatisfied with parts of the mouth and hair). Also-I needed to give it a title. My friend Monica once shot some portrait shots for me to consider, of a young woman named Rachel. This isn't her, but I like the name, so there it is. It's 5'x6'. Small, as these things go for me. (Oh, and as is often the case, it's somewhat washed out in these photos-sorry.)


Blogger song of the selkie said...

the star constellations really should be cartoons too... and i WANT her eyebrows, give them to me... now! those are the ones i try to pencil in every morning, on good days i get close to what you have here. wow, i sound vain but honest.

3:28 AM  

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