Sunday, May 03, 2009

2 New Paintings & Terry's Birthday Bash

4 weeks left before Lisa and I hang our show in Oakland, time to start finishing things up-so here's one, called "Secret" (which will hang in the Pro-Arts Gallery) and a quick B/day present for Terry (I may try to do another version for the show...but as I'm working on 7 other pieces now, well--who knows)-

Here's a few shots from Terry's great 50th (thanks Natalie and Carly and Mike and everyone else for a smashing event-I'm still reeling!)-(and thanks to Paul Gower for the great pics, most of these are his)-

No shots of Mel and Sue or Ted and Kim or the kids and lots of others, (maybe someone else has some?)-anyway, Happy birthday Terry--good times!


Blogger song of the selkie said...

always cool to see painterly photographs, great shots here, painting with firelight and all...

12:24 AM  

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